Best Survival Foods. A Prepper’s guide to long lasting foods.

Best Survival Foods. A Prepper’s guide to long lasting foods.

In uncertain times or emergency situations, having a well-stocked pantry with foods that can be stored long term is essential. Whether you’re preparing for natural disasters, economic disruptions, financial issues or simply aiming to be more self-sufficient, certain foods are known for their extended shelf life and nutritional value. In this article, we will explore a variety of food options that are excellent choices for long-term storage. We want to ensure we are stocking things that make sense and not wasting valuable time, money & resources.

Freeze Dried meals

Freeze-dried foods have gained popularity in recent years as a convenient and nutritious option for both outdoor enthusiasts and everyday households. Through a unique preservation process that results in extending most foods shelf life by 15-25 years, freeze-dried foods are high up on every preppers list. Most FD food also retains a considerable portion of it’s nutritional content (around 95-97%). This is a popular food choice amongst outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, backpackers, or those on the go as the lightweight nature of freeze-dried foods is a significant advantage. You can buy these as pre-made emergency meal kits which just require water to reconstitute from the likes of Legacy Premium, Readywise Or Auguson Farms.

Or if you’re ready to invest in your own freeze drying machine, I can personally recommend Harvest Right. I own the size Medium and have been stocking up a multitude of foods this way. You’ll find an array of sizes and pricing to whatever suits your family’s needs. This is my affiliate link and if you’d be willing to use this if/when you purchase one, I’d so appreciate it!


This literally stands for Meals Ready to Eat and are commonly used within the military. In an event where the electricity might be down or if you have to leave the area you won’t have time to create a fire and cook. It’s important to have many lightweight food options that do not require heat. These are staple foods to have in an emergency.


A trusted pantry essential, canned foods should be on everyone’s must-have list when building their long lasting food storage. Whether home canned or store bought, they have long shelf life and easy to incorporate a wide variety diet; fruit, vegetables, meat, soups. Most of which conveniently just needs heated up or could be eaten cold.

Powdered Foods

Some items such as non-fat powdered milk can last for up to 25 years when stored correctly and, in a pinch, are versatile enough to make your own yoghurt and cheeses with. Some other powdered items that deserve a shout out are spices, baking soda, baking mixes, butter powder, cocoa powder and of course salt and sugar (if they count!).

Forever foods”

Some foods can store indefinitely if kept packaged in a secure, cool, dark and humidity controlled area. Some of my favourites are honey, molasses, vinegar & alcohol. All are adaptable for many uses and deserve a post on their own!

Bulk dry foods

By incorporating a variety of dry foods into your prepper supplies, you can create a well-rounded and nutritious food stockpile that provides sustenance and peace of mind for if and when needed. Most people by now will have heard of the standard rice and beans, but there are many other foods which are worth keeping such as oats, wheat berries & pasta. Stored in mylar bags inside airtight buckets will provide protection and longevity!

It’s important to remember that frozen food is not the be all or end all. A freezer stocked with game, dairy, and other items will be rendered useless if the power goes out for extended periods of time. We should diversify our food storage for the best possible outcome and by incorporating a variety of dry goods, canned foods, freeze-dried options, and other suitable items into your pantry, you can create a robust and diverse food supply that meets your nutritional needs. Remember to regularly assess and replenish your stockpile to maintain freshness and readiness. With a well-rounded food storage plan in place, you can gain peace of mind, enhance your self-sufficiency, and be better equipped to face any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Stay prepared, stay safe and enjoy the benefits of long-lasting food storage.

Have you started your food storage journey or have any questions or queries? Let me know in the comments below!

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