About Us

Prepping for everything emily and will

Welcome, I’m Emily! And this is my husband Will and our two dogs Kali & Viggo.

Born and bred in the Highlands of Scotland I started sharing my passion for self-reliance, preparedness and self-sufficiency online.

I craved an outlet to show my own version of these things as, when I first started prepping, it was hard to find any information beyond ex-military men who only spoke of guns, ammo and stored beans to last decades.

Don’t get me wrong, these are things that are needed and have a big presence but there is so much more to the world of self-reliance that I wanted to break it down and make it manageable and easy for the everyday person to understand.


Through sharing online, I have found a community of like minded people wanting to return to their roots and gain back some independence for them and their families.

If this sounds like you, then I am delighted that you’re here and my hope is to encourage you to begin your own homesteading and prepping journey.

My goal is to change the negative narrative that surrounds “crazy preppers” and instead show you how practical preparedness can bless your life in the smallest and biggest of ways. I want you to be Prepared Not Scared. You’ll find more about this in my resources!


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Providing for my family regardless of what’s going on in the world is my driving force; through growing & preserving our own food, raising our own food, hunting, foraging, keeping physically fit, using medicinal herbs, and knowing the ancestral skills that we have somehow lost over time. 

I do not aim for 100% self-sufficiency but instead try and gain back small ways of doing things myself. I see self-sufficiency as a spectrum and anything is better than nothing.


Are you tired of being fearful and unprepared?

Maybe you’ve lived through a natural disaster, been paying attention to inflation and the shocking events of the world, experienced a loss of income & struggled financially to buy a food shop or perhaps you just want to be prepared for the everyday and not have to shoot to the store because you’ve run out of something in the middle of cooking dinner.

What if I told you that you too could build up your own food storage to be better prepared & look after your family no matter what is externally going on?

Prep your way


We like to experiment and try new things and make all kinds of mistakes along the way. But this is part of the journey!

Sometimes we grow our own food to preserve, sometimes we buy it from our local farmer and hey, sometimes we buy it from the store! In this space nobody is shamed for their choices and instead encouraged to do what works best for them and their families.

I think that every single one of us should be a “prepper”, however this looks for you.


I’m usually active on Instagram stories and you’ll find a lot of “behind the scenes” life here.

From dog training, bottle feeding lambs, Will (my husband) playing the bagpipes or showing what I’m freeze drying that day, there’s usually something going on around here that I hope makes you smile.

Please join me over there too!